Kumpulan Tutorial: KAB - Natural and Demographic Conditions

KAB - Natural and Demographic Conditions

In the City of Karanganyar I was born. Karanganyar is one of the districts of Surakarta municipality or often called Solo in Central Java Province. The town is very beautiful and peaceful as jargonnya "Karanganyar peaceful." Located on the golden path of Java makes Karanganyar become one of the districts that get special attention from the provincial government. Bordering the east by districts Ngawi or eastern Java, Solo City West, North with Sragen Regency, South Wonogiri. Karanganyar divided into several sections. Some of these highlands, lowlands, and the plain ordinary. At the east end there are mountain Lawu that there are many attractions in it, on the southern tip of the elephant dam tour Mungkur enliven a visit in Karanganyar, in the North End tour ancient human fossils, and so forth.
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